Home Visits

Simon has vast experience in helping people choose colours. He has helped choose colour schemes for shopping malls, offices, film sets, shops and homes. He has worked all over the world with art directors, architects, designers, and of course people that just want to change the colour of their living room.

He says: I reckon it's important to trust instincts and choose colours quickly as it can become regressive and very frustrating. Most people that come to see me already know what they want they just need the confidence to commit. I just push them I the right direction.

It's a fundamental consideration that one specific colour is never seen in isolation, and certainly never is without shadows and angles all making it much more complex and colourful than at first glance.

The central thing is how one colour looks with another and this is very subjective. Do not listen to rubbish such as 'blue and green should never be seen' - or is 'it red and green'? - Aghh.

Think right down to the things inside the room. The pictures on the wall, the coats on the coat rack, even the toys on the floor - all of these things make up the feeling of the room.
Don't study the colour too much. It's a waste of time. When someone shows me a picture in a magazine and says: 'I like this colour here' pointing to one corner of the page, they are actually looking at so many shades in the photography... it's a joke. They are also being surreptitiously lead by the tasteful art direction that's making them believe that their one bedroom first floor flat is a loft in Manhattan. It's not!

We can work it out, just call us and we can come and help you make that decision.