I will not dignify that with an answer

He was a man who used to notice such things

Some of these colours are influenced by stuff but not this one

Curious yellow

Vin jaune

A love of the exotic encapsulated in a colour

I look at them all day earnestly checking what's the difference between a pictogram and an airplane

And that guy can't get a girlfriend i'll never figure that out


Gamla gül

I return to my room in grim spirits

Pom diddly om pom pom pom

Always give away ones sauces


Colours may vary

I apologise for the two week hiatus

There are moments you remember all your life this is not one of those moments

You can put a gun to my head but I'm not owning up to that crap.com

We're playing tennis he's playing something else

Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke

You call that a pub

This colour is synthetic and so is the next one

An ordinary bloke surrounded by suckers

50 million French men can't be wrong